Do you want to be fluent in Spanish, but you’re not sure where to start?
Do you feel like you’ve been learning forever, but still can’t hold a conversation?

Tamara Marie, Certified Language Coach

¡Hola! My name is Tamara Marie.  I’m a Certified Neurolanguage(c) Coach specializing in brain-friendly ways to help you learn foreign languages efficiently.

Before I became a language coach, I taught myself Spanish as an adult after being completely embarrassed on my first trip abroad.  Armed with my six years of high school Spanish skills, I entered the country of Panama unable to understand a word being said.

I knew there was a better way to learn a language than what I’d been taught in school.

I tried almost everything to learn Spanish.  I downloaded every app, program, and podcast I could find.  I attended classes at colleges, abroad, and online.

Several years and countless hours of trial and error later, I found the method that worked for me.  Immersing myself in Latino culture, traveling, and music kept me motivated and helped me reach my goals faster.

My purpose is to help you avoid the time-wasting mistakes I made over the years and learn Spanish quickly.

I’d love to help you finally master Spanish and speak it with confidence.


Tamara Marie



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