November Progress


  • I’ve been continuing to watch the Celia Cruz series (it’s now on Netflix! — binge watching is in order).
  • I’ve been listening to the Te invito a un Cafe podcast a few times per week.
  • I didn’t go to the Spanish meet-up in November because I was not feeling well 🙁

My son has been doing well!  He’s wrapping up with his Spanish class and continues to use the Mango application in very short sessions.

One day, he decided on his own to have a study session with his flash cards.  He insisted on going through the whole deck:

4 year old learning Spanish with flash cardds

4 year old learning Spanish with flash cardds

4 year old learning Spanish with flash cardds


I have to admit, I have been a little paranoid about studying Portuguese because the first few times I tried to conversation, I kept speaking Spanish and mixing up the two languages.

This paranoia led me to look for a solution.  It just so happens that my friend Olly Richards covers this exact topic on his I Will Teach You a Language podcast.  I listed to this episode about how to avoid confusing Spanish and Portuguese, and feel much more confident about acquiring my 3rd language now 🙂

I have been continuing to go through the Survival Phrases track of Portuguese Pod 101.  I have just about mastered the basic conversational phrases 🙂

Potruguese Pod 101

Goals for December 2016

Spanish (for me)

Goal: Maintain my Spanish level through consistent exposure.


Spanish (for the little person)

Goal: 30-minutes of daily exposure to Spanish


  • Finish module 1 of the after-school Spanish class by the end of the month
  • Listen to Spanish CD in the mornings during commute to school
  • Continue Latin American conversational Spanish track in the Mango app (2- 3 times per week)


Goal: Master basic phrases to be able to introduce myself to a new person in Portuguese

  • I will continue to listen to the beginner episodes of Portuguese Pod 101.
  • I’ll review the alphabet since I didn’t finish last month
  • If I have time, I’ll attend the World Languages Café event to get some conversational practice with the little Portuguese I’ve learned so far 🙂

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